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Fire and Smoke

Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration can become a expensive endeavor if you choose the wrong company. Allied Restoration has decades of experience in the field. We are the most responsive and the best in the business with a extensive knowledge in the field. Fire and Smoke damage effect your health, property, lively hood, and general piece of mind. 

Water Damage Restoration Small
Water Damage

Allied helps people who are in need of emergency water extraction / removal services due to natural disasters like flooding from heavy rains or everyday problems like leaking water heaters and overflowing toilets. 24/7 Residential and Commercial available. Our goal is to restore your home or business back to normal as soon as possible.

Mold Damage Restoration Small
Mold Remediation

Allied Restoration’s Maryland mold remediation contractors are fully trained and are proficient with the latest equipment, materials and techniques for eliminating toxic mold. The longer an indoor contaminant is allowed to remain intact, the greater its potential impact on human health and on the structural integrity of the facility.


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Fire, Water, and Mold Tips

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    The Role of Demolition in Restoration
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