Is Your Attic Insulation SafeInsulating your attic is an essential part of maintaining your home. The Department of Energy has estimated that home heating bills are reduced by 10 to 50 percent when insulation is properly installed. So, it’s a no-brainer that homeowners across the country ensure that their home has the proper attic insulation. Especially important in the cooler months. However, is your insulation safe? As we learn more about materials and their properties, it’s essential to understand the dangers. We need to look at commonly used materials used in the past. This blog will explore what attic insulation is safe and unsafe.

What is Attic Insulation?

Firstly, attic insulation is a necessary way to retain heat inside your home. It works by preventing inside air from escaping to the outside. Also to prevent from outside air coming in. It’s effective in helping reduce energy costs. The cost of heating and cooling your home uses between 50-70 percent of your overall bill. Various materials and methods are used to insulate an attic, which have changed over the years.

What Materials are Safe for Insulation?

There are plenty of materials that you can use that are safe for your attic insulation. The most common types of material available for your attic are:

  • Fiberglass batts
  • Loose-fill fiberglass
  • Cellulose
  • Spray foam

What is Asbestos?

You have probably heard of asbestos. It was the most commonly used insulation material between 1930 and 1970. Nowadays, however, it’s more likely referred to because of the dangers associated with it. If you find it in your home, you’ll need to have an expert come to remove it because it’ll likely harm you and your loved ones. This is because asbestos insulation comprises microscopic fibers that become easily airborne. These fibers can cause significant health risks. Sadly, asbestos has been discovered in other materials used to insulate homes. If you have these products in your attic, you should consider removing them with urgency. These materials include:

  • Vermiculite
  • Zonolite

To be clear, you should not have asbestos in your home.

What Other Materials Are Dangerous for Insulation?

There are a couple of other material types you should be wary about having in your home.

One of these is Pink Fiberglass. While it is a highly effective insulation method, they manufacture it with a formaldehyde binder. Many people compare it to asbestos when it comes to danger to humans.

Another dangerous insulation type is polystyrene. This material was never intended for attic use, as it is highly combustible. Your attic likely has lots of electric cables throughout, so this is a concerning prospect for any home.

We’d recommend replacing your attic insulation if you have either of these materials in your home.

What Materials Should I Be Using for My Attic Insulation?

We touched on this earlier, but nowadays, the most commonly used attic insulation material is multi-layer reflective insulation. It’s incredibly high-performing, inflammable, and has no risk of health hazards. For a genuinely safe insulation material, we recommend this for your home.

Your attic is one of the most important areas in your home. You should be able to conserve energy and money while still being safe. The materials used for your attic insulation need to be safe and approved for use. Don’t let improper materials impact your safety. If you need advice on your attic insulation materials, contact our friendly team today at Allied Restoration. We can come to inspect your attic insulation and replace it with safe materials if necessary.