Thunderstorm ReadinessThunderstorm readiness is vital to address before a situation turns dire. Heavy thunderstorms are serious, and preparedness can help keep your family, pets, and home secure. There are no guarantees, but having a game plan in place ahead of time is in your best interest.

A home emergency kit should be on hand. You should schedule a family meeting every six months to discuss how and where to shelter. Remind everyone what you expect if you experience a profound or severe thunderstorm.

You can prepare your property for thunderstorm readiness by calling Allied Restoration. We can remove dead tree limbs and prune large shrubs that could blow through windows or damage the roof. Perhaps you have a shed that you should have secured professionally. We can help.

Thunderstorm Readiness Home Emergency Kit

If you don’t already have a thunderstorm readiness home emergency kit, you’re not alone. estimates that only 48% of American households have emergency provisions for disasters.

You don’t have to piecemeal your kit together with so many options on the market now. Check out these 20 must-have items for a home emergency kit.

Your home emergency kit should have flashlights, extra fresh batteries, a charged power block for electronics if the power goes out, canned food, and lots of bottled water, among other items. A first aid kit should also be readily available.

Family Meeting for Thunderstorm Readiness

When you schedule your family meeting, you may meet with some resistance. Power through anyway. It is not the time to try and organize family members when disaster has already struck.

The first key point you’ll want to make sure everyone is clear on is where to meet. It should be an area of your home away from windows and doors. Do not shelter in the attic since large flying debris or tree branches can fall, possibly destroying your roof.

Discuss the best method of communication since all family members may not be home when the storm strikes. With thunderstorm readiness preparation, you’ll reduce the impulse to panic.

Other Thunderstorm Readiness Preparations

Go outside and take a good look at your property. Has it been too long since you’ve had those beautiful, grand trees trimmed? Large bushes can take out windows in a catastrophic thunderstorm too. Is your shed adequately secured?

If you have animals or kids, you likely have jungle gyms or a dog house in your yard that need consideration. If you have farm animals, you have probably already taken care of thunderstorm readiness for their living quarters.

Actionable Severe Thunderstorm Warning Steps

Shelter indoors, away from doors and windows, and away from the largest trees on the property, in case one crashes down. This is an excellent time to let the dishes sit in the sink and skip a shower. Water and electricity don’t make good friends for us if your house gets struck by lightning. Any electrical device can be problematic too.

Most severe thunderstorms don’t last more than about 30 minutes. A lot of damage can happen in that amount of time. Resist the urge to do tasks that can be dangerous. You’ll hear the storm passing. The wind will start to die down, and before too long, hopefully, you will be able to return to normal activities.

We take thunderstorm readiness seriously at Allied Restoration. We’ve been helping families prepare for years. Call Allied Restoration today so we can help you make a plan and prepare your property and maximize your family’s safety.