Do you have a wet ceiling? If you do, you’ll have more to do than deal with the ugly stain in the living room. That wet ceiling is the calling card of a leak somewhere that you’ll need to locate and repair before dealing with that repulsive eye sore.

Call Allied Restoration, and we’ll locate the leak. It could be from the roof, a water heater, or leaking toilets or sinks. A licensed contractor must evaluate the leak’s source and repair the problem before taking care of the cosmetic issues.

Do I Need to Worry About a Leak?

My ceiling is dry now. Do I need to worry about a leak? Don’t feel bad if you noticed the leak a while ago and it slipped your mind. That nasty stain on your ceiling is easy to forget unless you’re sitting under it and water starts dripping on your head.

The bottom line is that whatever caused the stain in the first place needs to be corrected, or you could be dealing with more extensive damages in the future.

Leaks from the roof may not show themselves in fair weather. The leak still exists and will cause more damage the longer you wait to fix the source of the leak.

Water Damage Issues and Repairs

Call a licensed professional now if you’ve just weathered a massive storm and have evidence of water damage. No good will come of prolonging the call. It will only aggravate the problem.

If a disastrous storm hasn’t recently hit you, there are several familiar places your leak could be coming from. Consider anywhere in your home that has a water source. Think bathroom sinks, toilets, bathtubs, or showers, as possibilities. Are the appliances in your laundry room old? What kind of shape is your water heater in?

Where’s the Leak Coming From

If you are interested in finding the leak source, there are a few pointers that might make it easier. Remember that seasoned professionals can have difficulty finding the source of a leak because water follows the path of least resistance. The leak’s origin could be a fair distance from where it presents itself.

Start under the wet ceiling and pace the distance to the closest wall, or measure off. Consider what room is directly overhead. If it’s the attic, grab a flashlight and check for evidence of water. Look carefully for any signs of moisture. If you have a roof leak, it may travel quite a distance before finding its way to where you see the wet ceiling.

Check the caulking around the toilet and bathtub if there’s a bathroom above the wet ceiling. Have you had any overflow issues anywhere in your house? If so, now is time to take care of these problems before they take a toll on your home.

Allied Restoration is a long-standing, respected licensed company with professional technicians ready to assist you. Call us, and we’ll be able to repair the leak to ensure your home doesn’t end up with mold or structural damage. We are extensively trained for flood and water damage. We have assisted residential and commercial clients with emergency water extraction services. If you have water problems, give us a call and take a deep breath. We’ll restore your home to its dry, cozy self as quickly as possible so that you can rest easy.