3 Sure Fire Ways to Prevent Mold From Growing In Your Home

Are you ready to learn how to prevent mold from growing in your home? Here are some tips from the pros. Mold isn’t a friend to anyone. We all know that. So what are the easiest ways to target mold prevention in your home? Moisture control.

Certain kinds of mold are essential in life. Where would we be without brie cheese and penicillin, but when you fail to prevent mold in your house and it keeps growing, the human health implications can be both bad and serious.

Most people assume mold is contained to grow in bathrooms, where hot showers can cause moisture buildup on the walls, floors, and ceilings, but mold can grow anywhere.  Learn to prevent mold from building up on carpets and clothing and even in places that you can’t see, like the backside of drywall or above the tiles on your ceiling.

3 Sure-Fire Ways to Prevent Mold From Growing In Your Home

While you can’t mold-proof your home, take the follow considerations into account.

Audit your home for mold concerns

Is your family constantly at war with a flooding basement? Do you notice frequent condensation on a window? Is there a water stain on the ceiling from an undetermined leak? Address the problems you find to stop mold in its tracks.

Prevent Mold by Keeping Wet Areas Dry

Mold can’t grow without any moisture, so if you can work ahead of the curve and keep wet areas dry, you won’t give mold a fighting chance. If your basement leaks, seep up the water right away. Don’t leave wet items around your home. Spills on carpets should be dried within 24 to 48 hours.

Use proper ventilation techniques.

Cooking dinner, taking a shower, and doing a load of laundry each opens the can of worms for mold to become an issue. Properly ventilate your bathroom, kitchen, and laundry room to avoid high-moisture content. Use AC and dehumidifiers to keep the air dry, especially in humid climates.

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