A Guide to Swimming Pool Repairs

Owning a swimming pool can be so much fun, but it carries with it a lot of responsibility for maintenance. You should always make sure the pool is operating correctly by cleaning it regularly, keeping up with the repairs, and preparing it for seasonal changes. Generally, it is essential to understand everything you need to take care of when you own a pool. Remember, it is always best practice to seek expert help for your pool maintenance and repairs.

The Basics of Swimming Pool Repairs

Sometimes, it is easy to tell when your pool needs repair services. For instance, when a pump is not working correctly, it is obvious you should call in the pros. In most cases, it is not so easy to detect when the pool needs repair services, and you may end up in a panic situation. By keeping up with regular maintenance, it’s easier to tell when you have a problem.

Types of Common Swimming Pool Repairs

Just like most things at home, your pool will indicate signs of underlying problems that need immediate attention. It is wise to engage the services of a swimming pool repair company to detect these early signs. If you’re a savvy pool owner, you’ll have one saved in your contacts. By rolling out a regular maintenance schedule, you will be able to detect most problems early enough. Remember, early detection will save you from high repair costs. Here are the most common types of swimming pool repairs.

Melted Pump Fitting

In some cases, when your swimming pool pump runs dry, it can generate excess heat resulting in the melting of threads which shrink, leading to leakages. The only way to repair the leakage is to cut out the melted section and replace it with a heat-resistant fitting to prevent the issue from recurring.

Pool Replastering

Pool replastering is the best way to fix your spa or pool when the surfaces are rough, peeling, stained, or faded.  When your feet start to hurt from walking on the pool floor, it’s time to call for a pool evaluation. If it feels like you’re walking on pebbles or rocks when you’re walking in your pool, don’t delay. Call the pool guys in to fix it!

Pool Plumbing Repair

Swimming pools also need plumbing repairs from time to time. However, it advisable to call a pool specialist and not a plumber. The pool repair specialist will spot and fix any leakages. One way of noticing leakages is when the water bill goes up for no reason.

Clogged Pumps

Clogs occur when waste gathers in the impeller vanes, especially if the pump basket has holes or is not installed correctly. Debris like dog hair and plant seeds can cause these clogs. It is time to get repair services when the pump pressure drops, water flow falls, and the motor keeps running at a higher pitch than usual.

Pool Light Repair

Just like your home, your pool needs a regular change of the lighting system. In most cases, the light bulb will need to be changed.  However, there can be more serious underlying problems that pool repair experts should check.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

The best way to keep track of necessary pool maintenance is by creating a schedule. It helps you stay organized while ensuring small but important issues do not go unnoticed. Keeping a maintenance schedule enables you to plan pool maintenance tasks like closing your pool or caring for it during the offseason.

At Allied Restoration, we can manage all your swimming repair and maintenance needs. From plumbing needs to pool equipment repairs, our team is reliable in getting your pool to operate at its best. Contact us today or give us a call to find out how we help you keep enjoying the pool.