Candles can offer a gorgeous decorative effect, but before you light a match, make sure you and your family members are taking certain safety precautions. Unfortunately, there are too many experiences of candles starting fires in homes. These Candle Safety Tips will come in handle for protecting your family and home.

According to the National Candle Association, on average 25 home candle fires are reported per day.

Candle Safety Tips

Make sure you don’t become a statistic by taking these candle safety precautions to heart before you ever light another match.

1. Open flames are dangerous

While the real deal may look authentic, just about anything can catch fire from an open flame. Battery-operated candles are a much safer option.

2. Don’t leave burning candles unattended

After you light a candle, never leave the lit candle unattended. Stay in the same room and keep an eye on the candle. If anything should happen, you can take action immediately.

3. Have a fire extinguisher on hand for candle safety

No one wants to imagine a worst-case scenario. But, if you’re someone who burns candles regularly, having a fire extinguisher on hand is a smart idea. After purchasing one from a home improvement store or a hardware store, make sure you read and understand the operator’s directions.

4. Practice candle safety – avoid drafts and curtains

A candle situated on a window sill, near an air vent, or next to a panel of curtains is a certain fire hazard. A breeze could rustle the curtains and a fire could start. Instead, situate your candle in the center of a sturdy table.

5. Keep an eye on your pets

Jumping cats and curious dogs may interfere with candles, which could become a dangerous situation. Do your best to keep an eye on your roving creatures and make sure the candle and your pet have separate agendas.