Prepare Your Trees for a Storm

No matter the season—winter, spring, summer, or fall—the weather is growing unseasonably unpredictable. Protect your trees when the weather turns rough.  In this current climate, taking certain precautions and safety measures into account is an important element in being a homeowner.

In preparation for a big storm, most families will assess their checklist: Do they have extra food? A backup generator? Are smartphones and devices charged? Have batteries been bought? Is there enough water for everyone? Oftentimes, the state of the trees surrounding the home isn’t even a thought.

Toppling trees can cause serious damage, especially when gusts of wind can reach up to 70 miles per hour. When large trees uproot, there’s not much that could have been done, but dead branches and unstable limbs can be attended to before a storm hits. Taking the time to plan and protect your trees will help to reduce tree and property damage when a storm comes.

Take the time to protect your trees surrounding your home.

Happy and healthy trees are the trees that are capable of withstanding strong storms. Brittle, damaged, and prone to disease trees are the same ones that will be whipping down your street when the winds get rough. If you’re not sure where to begin, schedule an annual tree trimming with a certified arborist.

Care for the tree’s root system.

For storm prep, it’s not just the branches you need to be concerned about. Tree roots can support a tree even if the wind and elements are severe. Avoid construction projects near trees, and avoid damaging tree roots when you mow the lawn.

Keep power lines clear of trees.

Ensure that tree limbs aren’t near power lines. If a tree blows into a power line during a storm, the situation can become dangerous.

Here at ALLIED Restoration, we include tree removal as part of our restoration services. Our emergency service is available 24/7/365. For questions or to reach us call 410-284-5337.