Safe Alternatives to Candles This YearCandles are great any time of the year, but especially during the holiday season. They offer mood lighting and ambiance and come in great scents that make candles a mainstay in many Maryland homes.

But the downside to candles is their ability to start fires. Home candle fires are most common in December. They are caused most often by combustible materials left too close to the open flame. Candles cause more than $200 million in property damage per year in preventable fires.

If you love the ambiance of holiday candles but don’t want to risk a house fire, consider these safer alternatives this holiday season.

Flameless LED candles

Flameless candles have come a long way over the years. They look like real candles but don’t have the danger an open flame brings. You can get flameless LED candles in all shapes, sizes, and styles, including tea lights and taper candles.

LED candles can last much longer than regular candles, and some even come with an on/off switch and remote features so you can enjoy them longer and light them from across the room. You also won’t have to worry about toxic chemicals released into your home from some candles if you switch to flameless LED candles.

Fairy Lights

If mood lighting is what you’re after, consider fairy lights to bring holiday cheer to your home. Just like flameless LED candles, fairy lights can be battery or electric-operated. The low light is perfect for decor and can be a great addition to your festive displays.

Oil or Wax Warmer

While some oil and wax warmers aren’t the best solution because they use tea lights, electric warmers are safer than candles, just like a coffee cup warmer. You can create any scent to highlight your holiday decor without the worry of an open flame. Just plug in your heating plate, and a few minutes later, your home will smell like the holidays without you having to spend hours cooking in the kitchen.

Essential Oil Diffuser

If your home gets dry during the winter months, you can add smell and humidity at the same time with an essential oil diffuser. Just add water and your favorite oily scents to make the holidays a bit more cheery.

Reed Diffuser

Suppose you enjoy the smells of the holidays but prefer a safer candle alternative that doesn’t require batteries or electricity. In that case, a reed diffuser is a great solution. The reeds hold all the scent, dispersing it consistently around the room for weeks. Another great thing about a reed diffuser is placing them anywhere if the look doesn’t go with your holiday theme.

Room Spray

Spraying the room with your preferred scent is another option safer than an open flame candle. This can be an inexpensive alternative, and it doesn’t last long. One way to keep your room spray lingering is to spray it on soft materials, like your couch or pillows. Walking through right before guests arrive and spraying can help create the perfect holiday mood.

No matter which safe option you choose for your home this year, skip the candles for safety’s sake! Call your friends at Allied Restoration right away if we’re too late with this message, and you have smoke, fire, or water damage! Enjoy safe holidays this year!