Smoke Damage Mitigation

Experiencing a residential fire is bad enough. Having to deal with the smoke damage left behind can be even worse. Depending on the fire’s severity, you may only have smoke damage in one room or throughout the entire home. Here are some things you can do to help with smoke damage mitigation and which items are better left to the professionals.

Smoke Damage Mitigation

What You Should Do

  • If the weather is warm, open doors and windows to allow the house to air out and remove the odor from fire and smoke.
  • If you have a forced-air furnace or heat pump, change the air filter to eliminate odors further.
  • Throw away any open food containers or packages.
  • Use a damp towel or piece of cheesecloth to remove soot from air vent covers and registers.
  • Clean nonporous surfaces to prevent further damage and reduce odors, including:
    • Aluminum
    • Chrome
    • Laminate
    • Porcelain
  • Clean out the refrigerator. If the power is off, prop the doors open to allow for drying and airflow.
  • Use a restoration dry cleaner to remove smoke damage from clothing, blankets, pillows, and other soft surfaces.
  • Use a vacuum with a hose nozzle to remove soot from surfaces like curtains and carpets by holding the nozzle’s end about an inch away from the surface. Avoid using a brush or other attachment that will push soot further into the material.

What You Should Not Do

Though it’s hard not to feel helpless and want to do as much as possible to clean and repair your home after a fire, you should avoid these tasks and leave them to the professionals:

  • Resist the urge to touch items, walls, woodwork, and other surfaces with your bare hands. The oils in your skin could transfer to these items, causing further damage and making the task of cleaning them harder.
  • Avoid washing the walls, carpets, and upholstered furniture items. Professional fire restoration experts have products specifically made to remove soot residue and smells after a fire. Using the incorrect product could make the damage worse.
  • Do not plug in or use any electric appliances or personal belongings before checking to make sure they will function properly and are not a fire hazard.
  • If there is water damage from putting out the fire, avoid using ceiling lights and fans until told it’s safe to do so.

Use an Experience Residential Mitigation Expert

Though there are a few things homeowners and tenants can do to help remove smoke damage, you should leave the bulk of the work to professionals to handle. The experts at Allied Restoration in Gambrills, Maryland, have advanced industry training and superior equipment to get the job done right.

We can also handle water damage caused when putting out the fire and mold remediation if needed.

If you have experienced a house or office fire, call the experts at Allied Restoration right away to have the best chances of removing fire and smoke damage. Please fill out our contact form or call us at 410-BUILDER (410-284-5337) 24/7/365 to schedule a free estimate.